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Included with every Video Desk Account:
Flash Video Hosting Flash Video Hosting
Windows Media Hosting Windows Media Hosting
Web Audio Hosting Web Audio Hosting
Video Email Video Email

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    ARTICLES    Creating Flash Video for Sharing on the Web
    ARTICLES    Embedding a Video in Your Web Page
    ARTICLES    Speak Up! Giving your Web Site a Voice
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Flash and Windows Media Hosting

Your Video and Audio hosting service.

Video Desk allows you to share your media files

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Each Video Desk account includes media reports, which let you see how much data has been transferred, which clips have been viewed the most and the average length of time for which people are viewing your clips.

We give you features beyond other multimedia hosting services.

Play Video From Your Website

The versatile Media Manager gives you fully customizable, ready-to-use HTML code that enables you to play your videos directly from your web pages.

Create Website Audio Buttons

Bring new life to your website by adding dynamic audio. Web Audio is a key way to increase business on your website.

Make Your Own Playlist

Create your own custom playlists. Your audience can play multiple video or audio files with a single click.

Protect Your Video and Audio

Require viewers to enter a password in order to see and hear your files.

Convert Documents Into Audio Files

Upload a Word, Rich Text, or Text file to Video Desk, and advanced text-to-speech technology will be used to convert it into an FLV audio file.

Send Video Email

Email the links to your friends or business associates and let them view your published video clips quickly and easily.

Customize Your Media Files

Choose from a range of skins to customize the appearance the media player on your web page.

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News & Announcements
Flash Video Hosting Flash Video Hosting:

Now you can use Flash Video (FLV), the most popular online video format, on Video Desk. As always, we place no restrictions on the size or length of your video files.

Automatic File Conversion Automatic File Conversion:

No need for you to worry about creating video or audio files in the proper format. Upload files in any standard format (AVI, MP4, MPEG, MP3, WAV, etc.) and our servers will automatically convert them into the standard FLV format, which can be streamed to almost any computer in the world.

Password Protection Password Protection:

Restrict your media content to only the audience you select. Just store files in a protected area and viewers will need the password to watch or listen!

Text To Speech Conversion Text To Speech Conversion:

Create narration for your web site! Select a document file and Video Desk will automatically convert it into an audio file. Use our professional-quality voices to improve your viewers experience.

Tools to help you create your video:
Auto Movie Creator
Auto Movie Creator

Movie Editing and Photo Slide Show Creation Software.

My Screen Recorder Pro
My Screen Recorder Pro

Create product demos and tutorials and automatically encode and publish them.