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This is sample of things you can do with Video Desk:

You can add media from Video Desk to pages that are hosted anywhere. Because all media files are stored and served from our servers, they add no load to the server that hosts your webpages.

Embed video and audio on your web site

When you embed media, the player becomes part of the page, blending in with your own web content. You can embed either audio or video files. Here is an example of embedded Flash Video (FLV) files.
Get flash to play this video.

Flash Video

Put Buttons on your webpages to play Media

When the user clicks a media button, the streaming media player opens in its own window. You can choose either to have the video play in the web browser, or in the default media player on the viewer's system. If you choose to use the web browser, the code will open a special viewing window. These buttons show you how it works:

play video  Opens in a web browser window

view video  Opens in the default media player 


Make Professional Playlists

A playlist is just what it sounds like, a list of things to be played. You can easily create playlists in Video Desk, and create a single button that will play the entire list. This can be useful for anything from a movie that is stored in chapters, to letting someone play all the songs on an album.

You can choose whether to have the playlist open in the web browser, or in a separate player window.

For examples, click on these buttons.

Play in web browser:    playlist button            Play in separate window:    playlist button
You can use your own graphics for playlist buttons, too.

For an example of a Video Desk customer using our Playlist feature, visit Island Cinemas

Password protect your video files

You can require your audience to know a password to watch your files. Whether you want to keep certain videos private for your customers only, or just keep random people from watching your home movies, it's easy. Click the button below to see how this works. The password is "videodesk".


You can protect both individual files and entire playlists.

Create narration for your site using text-to-speech technology

Upload a document in DOC, DOCX, RTF, or TXT format, and Video Desk will automatically convert it into a Flash audio file, which you can embed to add narration to your site.

Get flash to play this video.

This audio file was created using text-to-speech.


Send Video Email

Now, you can send video email without attaching huge video files to your messages. No more filling up your friends' and customers' mailboxes with huge files! No more overloading your mail server! Because the video file is stored on Video Desk, you send economical, quick email that contains only text. When your readers click the included link, the video streams from our server and starts playing in seconds.

Try it now! Just enter your email address and click Send Video Email to receive an example of Video Desk's video email.

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Thank you to NASA for the video footage